Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Good morning everyone, Today is Halloween, all the ghost and goblins will be out and about today.
We are all over the swine flu, the kids are going back to school. I was done about 50% of the kids on my bus last week, but this week they started coming back, and on friday they were all back. we have been laughing, everyone in emmett will have had the swine flu by the time they get the vaccine over here.
We have been busy watching football and soccer game this fall. Some have been really cold. Joey's last game was snowed out. Joey is making two goals in his pictures, he was the high scorer for the year and Jake played safety he is quick and reminds me of Lynn when he played football. Caleb is tackling the one guy. They announce Puterbaugh on the tackle a lot. It is fun to watch them play. We are hoping we get to watch Porter and Peyton some day. I ahve to go to the store today tobuy more trick or treat candy, grandpa informed me last night we didn't have enough or at least NOT ANY MORE. HUM You guys have great day.