Friday, December 4, 2009


November was a rather solemn month. On November 11th at 11:00 pm my father past away, exactly 55 years to the day since his father past away. 11 month 11day 11:00. I miss him a great deal, but I have such a wonderful feeling inside, I know how happy he truely is right now. It was a wonderful funeral service, everyone has commented on beautiful it was and how much my dad was loved. Brent had them load dads casket on the old hay wagon behind the old John Deere tractors. That how he was taken to the cemetery with all of his grandson escorting him. Dad would have loved it. He loved his family so much. Matt said it was really cold though. Brandon drove the tractor and it was just a special experience for all. I miss my dad, he was a very special man, with a wonderful and strong testimony of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the privilage to be one of his daughters. We had some very special times together. I am grateful my children had the oppurtunity to grow up around thier grandparents and for the lessons they taught my children. My grandfathers were both deceased before I was born and one of my grandmothers never lived close so I only met her a handfull of times. So when I started having a family I knew the value of grandparents, because I would listen to others that grew up with thier grndparents and they would tell of adventures and how much fun they had growing up around grandparents. I wanted my children to have that, so I prayed that my parents and my in-laws would have good health and be an influence in thier lives. My prayers were answered and I have been so blessed.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello Its November 7th already.

This past month Erik celebrated birthday number 3. He was so excited. I went with Shelly to look for a purple elephant and lucky enough of all places Albertson had one. We found it satursday before his party about 10:30 at night, talk about cutting it close.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Addition more pics

Everyone has been asking about the addition. We are still working on it. We have to replenish the bank account first. So here is where we are at enjoy.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Good morning everyone, Today is Halloween, all the ghost and goblins will be out and about today.
We are all over the swine flu, the kids are going back to school. I was done about 50% of the kids on my bus last week, but this week they started coming back, and on friday they were all back. we have been laughing, everyone in emmett will have had the swine flu by the time they get the vaccine over here.
We have been busy watching football and soccer game this fall. Some have been really cold. Joey's last game was snowed out. Joey is making two goals in his pictures, he was the high scorer for the year and Jake played safety he is quick and reminds me of Lynn when he played football. Caleb is tackling the one guy. They announce Puterbaugh on the tackle a lot. It is fun to watch them play. We are hoping we get to watch Porter and Peyton some day. I ahve to go to the store today tobuy more trick or treat candy, grandpa informed me last night we didn't have enough or at least NOT ANY MORE. HUM You guys have great day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful weather

I wasn't feeling to well last monday and decided to stay home and rest, mostly to not have to drive the bus in the heat. That really would make me sick. Anyway after resting dad and I went for a drive to the top of the world, he took me to some mountain top way above Brugdorph. It was beautiful. There was this cabin that was about 100 years old, that people of been keeping up. We drove to the summit in the middle of no where and here was a herd of sheep with two sheep herders. I think they enjoyed visitng with us. You could see down in to the Salmon river canyon, and you could also see the tops of mountains in Glazier national Park. Pretty cool. Dad decided if the road isn't closed by snow yet, he wants to go spend his week off in November at there in one of the cabins you can rent.

Beautiful weather

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well the big weekend has come and gone, but boy did they have fun. Matt called Hailey and set Hailey up with a blind date and Hailey set Matt up with one of her friends on a blind date and they all had fun. I think they even liked each other when the date was all over. Shelly went all out and decorated the deck to look like a nice restaurant and she played the waitress. It was beautiful, she did such a super job. Mom was the cook in the kitchen and I made it through the night with Wendy coming to the rescue. Even if the french fries were a little wilty and greasy. But we had fun.
I can't get the pictures to down load.

Matt and Madisen already are planning date number two. Loni went with Tony Basset and also include was Nick Kirk and Brooke Johns. The four couples had a good time. Matt drove the pick-up with Loni and Tony, Hailey and Ryus, and of course he and Megan. He was elected because he was the only boy with a driver license.