Monday, September 21, 2009


Well the big weekend has come and gone, but boy did they have fun. Matt called Hailey and set Hailey up with a blind date and Hailey set Matt up with one of her friends on a blind date and they all had fun. I think they even liked each other when the date was all over. Shelly went all out and decorated the deck to look like a nice restaurant and she played the waitress. It was beautiful, she did such a super job. Mom was the cook in the kitchen and I made it through the night with Wendy coming to the rescue. Even if the french fries were a little wilty and greasy. But we had fun.
I can't get the pictures to down load.

Matt and Madisen already are planning date number two. Loni went with Tony Basset and also include was Nick Kirk and Brooke Johns. The four couples had a good time. Matt drove the pick-up with Loni and Tony, Hailey and Ryus, and of course he and Megan. He was elected because he was the only boy with a driver license.

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