Friday, December 4, 2009


November was a rather solemn month. On November 11th at 11:00 pm my father past away, exactly 55 years to the day since his father past away. 11 month 11day 11:00. I miss him a great deal, but I have such a wonderful feeling inside, I know how happy he truely is right now. It was a wonderful funeral service, everyone has commented on beautiful it was and how much my dad was loved. Brent had them load dads casket on the old hay wagon behind the old John Deere tractors. That how he was taken to the cemetery with all of his grandson escorting him. Dad would have loved it. He loved his family so much. Matt said it was really cold though. Brandon drove the tractor and it was just a special experience for all. I miss my dad, he was a very special man, with a wonderful and strong testimony of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the privilage to be one of his daughters. We had some very special times together. I am grateful my children had the oppurtunity to grow up around thier grandparents and for the lessons they taught my children. My grandfathers were both deceased before I was born and one of my grandmothers never lived close so I only met her a handfull of times. So when I started having a family I knew the value of grandparents, because I would listen to others that grew up with thier grndparents and they would tell of adventures and how much fun they had growing up around grandparents. I wanted my children to have that, so I prayed that my parents and my in-laws would have good health and be an influence in thier lives. My prayers were answered and I have been so blessed.

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