Friday, August 28, 2009

Hope YOu find Me

Well I have tried for months to try to sign in on my blog, but guess what. I forgot either my pass ward or my user name , because neither seem to ever work. So I guess we are starting over, so maybe you can find me.

School started yesterday so it is back to work we go. I have got a bus full of kindergarden students. JOY JOY. They are so scared when they climb on the big bus at first. And then they don't want to get off when you get them to school.

Peyton send grandma a picture of your first day. Tell me all about it.

I will have to send more pictures of the house and sme of our camping trips.
So check back later, see if I get it done

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  1. Yeah! You should write it down somewhere and keep it in a safe place.